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So you have your basic exhibition display elements; your stand and pop-ups, but what about those extra touches that will really add the ‘wow factor’ to the event? Branded motorbikes, scooters, golf carts or Segways? Of course! Your aim is to have everyone talking about what you’re doing.

Your staff driving those scooters are going to need to be wearing branded clothing, so talk to us about T-shirts, caps, fleeces and more. They’re going to need to have a name tag and some ID so they can get into the event, so get them some branded lanyards for their entry passes.

What about giveaways? Just some ideas are branded pens, notebooks, USB sticks and umbrellas.

You’re going to need a branded photo backdrop for your media interviews and photo calls.


If you need a branded float for a parade, we can help! Because of our involvement in Cannonball, the charity road trip, we have lots of experience in branding floats.

We can brand trucks to be used as stages, and of course we can completely or partially wrap a car or truck. Also read about our ad trailer service.


Your sponsors will need branding everywhere including the jumps! Not a problem; being in Kildare, the Thoroughbred County, AB Signs is well used to branding all aspects of equestrian events.

For more exhibition signage and event signage ideas, read about our PVC banners, teardrop and feather flags.

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